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Logisys MS6801 Mouse

Call me sheltered, old fashioned, or set in my ways, perhaps a little of all three, but even though I have used a wireless mouse on my desktop for years, until recently I have never used a notebook mouse. In the past when traveling with a laptop I have always relied on the touchpad as a mouse. This has always left me feeling rather awkward as if I was trying to write with my left hand, but in the past I had quietly soldiered on, figuring this was the price to be paid for the portability of using a laptop. Well, maybe I could do something about it, I thought when Geeks asked me if I would be interested in looking at a notebook mouse for our next review. As just mentioned, today's review item is provided by Geeks, our main site sponsor.

Logisys Front     Logisys Back

The Logisys MS6801 notebook mouse arrived in an oversized padded bubble mailer, different from most items I have received from Geeks, but nothing inside was damaged, so it's all good. The Logisys MS6801 mouse itself was in an attractive retail, high gloss, blister pack which--shock--did not require a chainsaw to open as the plastic on the back side had flaps like a cardboard box. Since I have been griping about this for years I would like to take credit for this new development, but this site just doesn't have that kind of stroke. Inside the package was a generic AA battery (would it kill Logisys to include a name brand here?), a honest-to-goodness paper user's manual, the Snap-in USB Nano Transceiver, and the mouse itself. Conspicuously absent was a driver disc, which I found out later was fortunately not needed.


-Black and Burgundy design
-Wireless 2.4 GHz
-3-Button design
-Scroll wheel acts as 3rd button
-Hyper-Fast Scroll wheel technology
-Snap-in USB Nano Transceiver
-Optical tracking technology
-800/1600 dpi push button switchable
-Ergonomically designed for comfort
-Operates on one (1) AA battery (included)
-Battery status indicator
-On/Off power switch
-Designed for notebook PCs

Unit Dimensions:

-1.5 x 2.75 x 3.25-inches (H x W x D)

Logisys Top     Logisys Bottom

As mentioned earlier the Logisys MS6801 mouse doesn't ship with a driver disc, so I was pleasantly surprised to find out that when I plugged in the USB Nano Transceiver, Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit correctly recognized and installed the proper driver for the Logisys MS6801 mouse. Even better, the driver was one that allowed me full use of all the mouse functions without having to load yet another endless piece of software at start up that will slow down my laptop. Unlike the Microsoft 6000 notebook mouse that I bought to have something to compare the Logisys MS6801 mouse to for this review, it actually allows my laptop to sleep normally, which the Microsoft 6000 mouse did not do. I imagine this could have been remedied by downloading some patch or maybe even the newer Intellipoint Software, but since both are Microsoft products is it asking too much that it would just work properly like the Logisys MS6801 mouse does with no additional software?

The Logisys MS6801 notebook mouse is not just small, it is tiny. It is even small for a notebook mouse. Think mini-me small. This is both a plus and a negative, obviously the smaller the mouse, and the USB Transceiver (also tiny and stores in the Logisys MS6801 AA battery compartment) the more portable it is for when you are on the go, as well as the less likely you are to snag the USB Transceiver on something if the laptop is being jostled around. The problem is that even if you don't have freakishly large hands like I do, the Logisys MS6801 mouse is so small that you are likely to have to use the fingertip method to control it. This is fine in short bursts, but the lack of palm support IMO is not very comfortable for those marathon all-nighter computer Facebook sessions. To give you a practical example of the size of the Logisys MS6801 mouse it was so small it was actually shorter than any of my fingers, except for my pinky--where it ranked a tie.

Logisys Battery     Logisys USB

All three buttons on the Logisys MS6801 mouse are firm and offer positive tactile feedback. While not being overly difficult to push, the fast scrolling wheel works well for those long documents and web pages. The switchable dpi push button is a feature I have never had on any mouse I have ever used--even high end full sized models. While the 1600 dpi mode itself made the mouse movements a tad too frantic for my tastes, I am not going to complain about added consumer choice, and I am sure it will even be to some people's liking. As for battery life, well, in the several weeks I used the Logisys MS6801 mouse to write this review the low battery LED never came on, so I can't say for sure exactly how long it lasts, but combined with the On/Off power switch on the bottom of the mouse, battery life should not be a concern for most laptop users.

During use of the Logisys MS6801 mouse I never experienced any lag, or jerkiness, tracking was smooth, steady, and precise even when used at 1600 dpi. It must be noted, however, that since the Logisys MS6801 mouse is a notebook mouse the mouse itself was never more than 18 inches from the USB Nano receiver. For the sake of this review, I even purposely tried to introduce some interference by using my Panasonic 2.4 GHz cordless phone simultaneously while using the Logisys MS6801 mouse, but I was never able to make the mouse lag or stutter even doing this. Of course, if for some reason you were using the Logisys MS6801 mouse from three or four feet away you might have entirely different results but I am hard pressed to see why you would be doing so since the Logisys MS6801 mouse is specifically marketed as a notebook--not a desktop--mouse and as such it is IMO unfair to test in any other way.

Logisys MS Mice     Logisys Hand

Since this is a review of a notebook mouse I thought it was only appropriate that in addition to a mouse pad, I tested the Logisys MS6801 mouse on a couple other surfaces as well, because when traveling with your laptop you might not always have access to a proper mousepad. I started the testing sitting at my desk using my laptop and the Logisys MS6801 mouse with my old Steelpad S&S mouse pad. Everything felt normal and worked properly. If it wasn't for the size of the mouse you could almost forget you were using a notebook mouse. Next, I removed the mouse pad and just used the mouse on the hard plastic surface of my desk. The Logisys MS6801 mouse worked fine here also; although the tracking was noticeably slower, it was still quite usable. No other problems were noted. For the last test I used a large old wooden kitchen cutting board to simulate someone using a mouse on a wooden desk. Here, too, the Logisys MS6801 mouse performed reasonably well; although, tracking here was very slow, and required much more movement of the mouse from side to side than I am accustomed to. If I was forced to use the Logisys MS6801 mouse on this surface for an extended period of time, I would probably switch the mouse into the 1600 dpi mode to help compensate.


No matter how you use your laptop, as a desktop replacement or kept by the door for your next trip, there is no reason to be stuck using a touch pad as I was doing with my laptop until recently. While the Logisys MS6801 is IMO too small for prolonged everyday desktop use, it is perfect in the role of an on-the-go notebook accessory where size is at a premium. Even the Nano receiver is so small you might not bother to remove it from the USB port when the mouse is not in use. Despite the Logisys MS6801 notebook mouse's tiny size and cheap price, it has features (on/off toggle, 800/1600 dpi switchable button, low power indicator) more often found on many more expensive full size mice. At the end of this review the Logisys MS6801 mouse is going in my laptop bag that I keep by the door.


  • Tiny size
  • Full featured
  • Good battery life
  • Dirt cheap


  • Tiny size

I would like to thank Geeks for providing us with the Logisys MS6801 Notebook Mouse for review. This item can be purchased at Geeks for 15 usd.

Added: April 11th 2011
Reviewer: JimAdkins
Score: 9  
Related Link: Logisys
Hits: 6674
Language: english


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