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Techflex Sleeving Kit

A few months ago I was asked to judge a bikini, I err mean a case modding contest. All of the entries were well done and a few of them even looked to be nearly museum quality pieces. Judging this contest may have been a mistake though since, as always with this industry if you think you are presently satisfied with your rig, you better not go looking to compare it to somebody else's, as it is likely a sure fire road to disappointment, it sure was for me. My case you see had fallen way behind the times in the appearance department. Now while I am in my system way too often swapping parts and what not to aspire to one of the showcases in that contest, I figured there was still a few things I could do to improve the appearance and function of my case, the first being getting a handle on the rats nest of wires and connectors coming off my Enermax power supply.

This was the point that I contacted Techflex and asked them if they would be interested in sending me a power supply sleeving kit, they ended up beating my expectations and sending me two separate kits, a black and a yellow UV reactive one, the resulting colors happen to match that of the Pittsburgh Steelers my favorite football team. The product packaging the kits arrived in was fairly eye catching with a good amount of product information clearly printed on a cardboard insert, as a bonus I was actually able to remove the contents without the use of the chainsaw I normally use in these difficult situations . The only thing missing here was an instruction sheet for a newbie cable sleever such as myself. I have a feeling things are about to get messy.

Techflex Package

The Techflex sleeving kit consists of the following items.

10ft - 1/8" sleeving
10ft - 1/4" sleeving
5ft - 3/8" sleeving
5ft - 1/2" sleeving
12 - tie wraps
1ft - 9mm Heatshrink Tubing
1ft - 18mm Heatshrink Tubing
6in - 24mm Heatshrink Tubing

What makes the Techflex kit different from most other cable sleeving kits is its ability to stretch to 150%, what this means is the 1/2" sleeving is actually large enough to slide over your molex connectors without removing them, this saves time as well as money as you don't have to purchase a separate tool to remove your molex connectors.


After taking the power supply out of my case, I removed the cover of the power supply. This allows you access to be able to sleeve all of the exposed wire, so none will be visible when you put the cover back on. Only attempt this procedure if you are knowledgeable on working safely around electricity though as a power supply holds enough juice to kill you.

Now that the cover is off this is where the real fun starts. Using a tape measure, measure the length of sleeving you need to cover the section you are working with. Cut the sleeving. The package recommends using a hot knife, rope cutter, or a soldering iron (Have) with a cutting tip (Don't have). Since I had none of those, I made do with a pair of scissors which I heated with a Bic lighter. The reason for this procedure is to prevent your sleeving from fraying where cut. Holding the sleeving tightly while cutting also helps minimize this. When finished the cut you just made should look similar to the end of the sleeving that was pre-cut, if it doesn't try again. It took me three or four tries myself to really start to get the hang of it. Try also not to be a noob like me and burn a nice sized blister on your mouse finger because you aren't paying attention, or it will be no FPS for you for a few days. Doh!

From there stretch and walk the piece of sleeving you just cut over the molex connectors and into place. Wrap each end 1/4" from the end with one of the ties included with the sleeving kit, snug until tight. From there cut a ~ 3/4" piece of the heat shrink wrap and fit over each end of the sleeving, melt into place with a heat gun if you have one, or wife's hair dryer in my case, on high heat setting, this takes longer than you would think so be patient and keep heating until the wrap is good and tight. Replace the cover on your power supply. Repeat the process for each section you want to sleeve.

Enermax Sleeved

After installation of the Techflex sleeving kit, the inside of my case looks less cluttered, as well as a bit more colorful, the UV reactive sleeving wasn't as bright as some other UV reactive products I have seen but I only have one small case light also. My case temps remained the same as before installation, your results will likely vary here depending on how much case air flow path obstructions you originally had before kit installation. My case for example was a mess of wires but they were not situated in the case air flow path, therefore my temps remained unchanged.

Power Supply Mounted


Since this is my first time sleeving a power supply my installation admittedly doesn't look quite as professional as some others I have seen, it also took me four or five hours this shouldn't reflect negatively on the Techflex sleeving kit though, but rather on my lack of experience in this area. If I was to do another one I am sure I could finish in half the time and it would look twice as good. What was annoying about the Techflex kit though was the mix of sleeving included, I found myself with lots of the smaller diameter sleeving left over, which you could use to sleeve other small misc wires, such as case fans, but none of the larger diameter even though I started with two kits. In all fairness people that don't have a server style power supply with as many wires and connectors as the Enermax probably won't encounter this problem though. The Techflex sleeving kit is reasonably priced at 20 bucks. The Diet Mountain Dew is for my holiday celebration.


  • No need to purchase additional tools
  • Increases airflow
  • Looks good


  • Not enough large diameter sleeving for some power supplies
  • No instructions included

Added: December 13th 2003
Reviewer: JimAdkins
Score: 8  
Related Link: Techflex
Hits: 14704
Language: english


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