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Thermalright SLK-947u

Here we are again with another great heatsink from Thermalright. The SLK line needs no introduction and its name is known for quality and performance. The SLK947u is compatible with AMD and Intel processors. Thanks to CrazyPC for allowing us to review the SLK947u.

947u HSF Top


All copper design for maximum performance Soldered fins to base to ensure effective contact 92mm stock fan for more cooling capability Screws through motherboard mounting for LAN party Both AMD socket A and Intel socket-478 compatible


L96 x W86 x H45 (mm) Fin only, without fan
L67 x W81 x H45 (mm) with heat sink base, without fan


570g (heat sink only)

Processor Compatibility:

AMD: Athlon XP Palamino, Thoroughbred, and Barton 2800+ and up
Intel: Pentium-4 socket-478 3.06 GHz and above

Fan Compatibility:

70x15mm (TMD)

CrazyPC sent Vantec’s 92mm Tornado for this review. 92x38mm, 12VDC, 12.5W, 1.0A, 4800RPM, 119CFM, 56.4dBA includes fan guard and 4pin power with 3pin rpm sensor.

947u HSF Stuff


5 Stainless steel standoffs
5 Plastic washers (small)
5 Plastic washers (large)
5 Metal washers
5 Spring loaded screws
4 White Circular pads (for AMD only)
2 80 mm fan wire clips
2 90/92 mm fan wire clips
2 P4 RM hold down clips
1 Plastic Protective sheet (AMD)
1 X-Plate
1 Heatsink Body with Mounting frame

Thermalright added an extra of those small ancillary items that we always seem to drop while installing the heatsink. Nice Touch!

Test Bed:

Antec PlusView1000AMG
Asus P4C800-E Deluxe
Intel P4 3GHz 800MHz FSB
Asus V9520VS FX5200 128M Dual DVI
2 X Kingston 512MB 400MHZ DDR Dual Channel Config
Western Digital Raptor WD360GD Serial (OS)
Western Digital Caviar SE WD2500JD Serial (Storage)
ASUS 52x32x52 IDE CD-RW Drive
Intake Fans: Antec 2 X 80mm 34cfm
Exhaust Fans: Antec 2 X 80mm 34cfm


The first thing I noticed was the base was rather marked, apparently from the machine finish, and as such would benefit from a good lapping. That said, this is not typical of a Thermalright heatsink. I have purchased many with my work and have never seen one quite at marked as this. However, we tested it as we received it from the manufacturer.

947u HSF Bottom

I have put this review off for as long as I could, because I thought I had to remove the motherboard from the case to actually install it. However, the P4 retention mechanism worked fine with the SLK947u.

947u HSF Side

I did remove the P4 retention mechanism from the motherboard and mounted the heatsink while outside the motherboard to see how it connected. I was impressed with how snug and solid the retention clips were able to hold it, so I initially used it instead of the included mounting frame.

947u HSF Mount

I was amazed with the amount of space surrounding the installed heatsink. Even though this heatsink is big, there was plenty of room around the capacitors and the northbridge heatsink.

947u HSF Mount

I noticed that if you do use the motherboard Retention Mechanism (RM), the P4 RM clips included with the SLK947u prevent you from inserting the fan wire clips for 25mm and 15mm fans. The wire clips must be inserted before you fasten the P4 RM clips.

After I completed the testing, I decided to reinstall the heatsink using the mounting hardware supplied with the SLK947u. I installed the heatsink from the PDF instructions found on the Thermalright website. I realized something was wrong when the standoffs just did not tighten down as far as I thought they should. So I checked the HTML instructions and found a difference in procedure regarding the plastic washers. I then used both washers (contrary to the PDF doc) and all was good…..

947u HSF Mount Up Close

Until I wanted to install an 80X25mm fan. The spring loaded screws completely block the holes for the 80x25mm fan wire clips. So I had to remove the spring loaded screws (trying to keep track of the metal washers) and install the fan wire clips. What a pain!!!

Working with the 92mm Vantec Tornado was a riot, but I’ll say right here and now, there is NO way I will be running a 56.4dBA fan 24/7 in my study room. This thing exudes power and noise, but it sure does an excellent job of cooling a hot proc!

947u HSF Fan

Testing Procedure:

The P4 is not overclocked and is run at the default voltage. Ambient temps were maintained approximately ~21Cº/70Fº. Each (stock and SLK947u) heatsink and fan combo was installed and run idle for 1 hour and the final temp reading was recorded. The loaded temps were recorded over a 48hr period running SETI and the final temp was recorded. Thermal compound used was Artic Silver Cermaique. Temps were measured by SiSoft Sandra Professional.

Since the 92mm Tornado is loud and we know it will do some major cooling, I decided to test with an 80X25mm 32CFM 28dB fan. The 32CFM fan was not part of the review, but the results were such a dramatic improvement over the stock HSF, I felt it had to be included. To say the least I was very pleased with the noise/temperature ratio.

Thermalright Graph


Thermalright has another excellent heatsink. The SLK947u certainly makes the grade and is the best heatsink I have ever used. The only negative was the fan wire clip interference and the marked finish on the base. Thermalright has kept up with the changing technology and combats the excessive heat today’s processors create.

Thanks to CrazyPC for the opportunity to review the SLK947u which you can purchase for $39.95 + a fan if you choose.


  • Awesome Performance
  • P4 and AMD Compatibility
  • Large Motherboard Compatibility
  • Extra mounting parts
  • Dual P4 Mounting


  • Marked Base Finish
  • P4 Retention Clips & Spring Loaded Screws Interfere with Fan Wire Clips

Crazy PC

Added: January 10th 2004
Reviewer: KingKash
Score: 9  
Related Link: Thermalright
Hits: 17120
Language: english


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